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Jay Radbourne

Jay Radbourne

Moving to the Harcourts Wyndham Cities real estate family was such an easy decision to make, coming from a real estate background for over 10 years, and on two continents I knew exactly what I was looking for and Harcourts posses such a wide range of tools to do the job well.


Having worked in the U.K. market as an area manager running 4 successful offices, then migrating to Australia with my wife of 15 years and two young children was a decision not taken lightly. Having lived locally since arriving, I have fit into the way of life I expected, working in real estate was always the direction I was destined to take.


Possessing a degree in business management and law, certainly assists with the day to day running of a very successful Harcourts office. “Real estate is not rocket science, with the basics in place, communication, and a friendly approach, my clients will enjoy a professional experience, most of which become friends after.”

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